A Peek Inside

One winter night in 1883, the colony not quite a year old, its youngest member—youngest after a newborn whose shrieks had kept him up for hours—left his cabin without a coat and witnessed something he’d never forget. His name was Yankel Kolm. He was nineteen, slight, with a patchy beard and pockmarked cheeks, and lungs that had given him trouble since infancy. Only cold air provided relief, and he … Read More...

Scott Nadelson's remarkable new novel Between You and Me is both enormously entertaining and seriously moving. Between You and Me is one of the best books I've read in a long while.

- Christine Sneed
Author of Paris, He Said and Little Known Facts 

Paul Haberman is a radiant character and Between You and Me is a hilarious, poignant, darkly glittering gem of a novel.

–Suzanne Berne
Author of A Crime in the Neighborhood and The Dogs of Littlefield

The depth of his insight is stunning. The breadth and detail of his knowledge of the ordinary lives of men and women in widely varying walks of life is astonishing.

–The Jewish Review