The Fourth Corner of the World

By Scott Nadelson

The stories in The Fourth Corner of the World revolve around self-imposed exile, both physical and emotional; they explore characters who abandon their lands of origin, sever their roots, make distance between themselves and the people they once were. Interspersed with three personal stories—embellished autobiography—they roam geographically and historically, chronicling, among others, a group of Jewish utopians in 1880s Oregon,a would-be assassin in 1920s Paris, a fundraiser for the Zionist underground in 1940s Helsinki, and a pair of teenage girls seeking revenge in 1980s New Jersey. Individual stories from the collection have been published or are scheduled to appear in AGNI, Harvard Review, Ploughshares Solos, Fiction International, Sou’wester, North Dakota Review, the minnesota review, Gulf Stream, and Pinball.


“Scott Nadelson’s wide-ranging, vividly imagined stories ring with authenticity, humor, and unavoidable heartache. Much like the famous Chekhov story ‘Grief,’ referenced in the collection’s stunning novella ‘A Warm Breath,’ Nadelson’s stories expose emotional lives with… is there such a thing as brutal and lyrical honesty? The Fourth Corner of the World is a collection of gorgeously written, truth-soaked stories.” –Adrianne Harun, author of A Man Came Through a Door in the Mountain